The Main car type Ac Compressor Bearings Size Chart & Bearing Interchange

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The Main car type are Honda, Isuzu, Mazda, Fuji, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Nissan Nissan, Mitsubishi, Nissan Nissan Diesel, Hino, Hyundai Denso compressors Toyota Hilux 98-52, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Jaguar, Rover, Fiat, GM, Kia, John Deere and Toyota.

The English abbreviations and symbols used and the bearing installation parts are explained in ac compressor bearings Size Chart detail in the appendix.

Based on years of work experience, the technical meaning of the ac compressor bearings model and the front and rear suffixes has been scientifically verified, and some of the difficult bearing universal interchange technologies have been mastered.

For the introduction of automobile production lines, manufacturers of imported bearings, automobile drivers, bearing warehouse administrators, supply and marketing (purchasing) personnel, foreign trade workers, universities and colleges, as well as technicians and auto parts of imported automobile maintenance and repair industries, etc.

The Main car type ac compressor bearings Size Chart & Bearing Interchange
Bearings Size Chartac compressor bearings
Cross references
InnerOuterWidthInterchange numberCar Truck Bus
304518NACHI 30BG04S22G-2DL, NSK 30BD4518T12DDUKCG21Hyundai passenger cars
304712NACHI 30BX04S1DST
304718NACHI 30BGS04S8G-2DS, NACHI 30BG04S16G-2DSTF, NSK 30BD4718DDUKK, KOYO 83A693Sanden and Denso compressors
304721/18KOYO 83A693ACS20Isuzu
305220NACHI 30BG32G-2DST
305222NACHI 30BG05S2G-2DS, NACHI 30BG5222-2DSE, NACHI 30BGS10G-2DST2F, KOYO DAC3052-32RR9XS, NIPPONDENSO 949100-4570 NIPPONDENSO 949100- 4760, TOYOTA 51802600NipponDenso10PA15-10PA17-10PA20 Denso compressors Toyota Hilux 98-52, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Jaguar, Rover, Fiat, GM, Kia, John Deere
305523NACHI 30BG05S5G-2DS, NACHI 5006-2NSL, NSK 30BD40AT12DDUCG21SBU2ENRL, OE 51441200, OE 51655700, OE 51651700, OE 50178800, OE 50184000, OE 51655700NipponDenso10PA17C-10PA20C, Ford FX15-FS10 Behr, Bosch, Diesel Kiki, Nihon, York compressors (Ford, Hyundai and Kia).
306226,99NACHI 30BGS1G-2DSKAI, NACHI 30BGS1G-2NSL, KOYO BD30-11AChrysler and White compressors
324718NACHI 32BG04S3G-2DL, NSK 32BD4718DUOgura compressors, vacuum pumps for Akti industrial trucks, and Matsushita compressors for Suzuki passenger cars.
325220/18Seiko-Seiki air conditioning compressors BMW 3 series, and Mercedes Benz smog pumps
325523NACHI 32BG05S1-2DST, NSK 32BD4ST12DDUCG21, OE 51550900, OE 50295200, OE 51501200, OE 51749900Matsushita, Panasonic, < seiko Seiki, York compressors Mazda vehicles
355520NACHI 35BG05S7G-2DST, NACHI 35BG05S7G-2DL, NSK 35BD5020DDUCG21, KOYO DAC35500020, NTN SNR ACB35X50X20, FCK 30BF5020, OE 51555200, OE 51771400Delphi, Mitsubishi, Sanden, Seiko Seiki compressors Mitsubishi and Mazda vehicles.
355212NACHI BX5212S1-2DST2B1Denso compressors 6SEU12C (Fiat Stilo, Mercedes Benz Class A, Toyota Yaris)
355220NACHI 35BG5220-2DL, NSK 35BD5220DF, NTN SNR ACB35X52X20
355222NACHI 35BG05S6G-2DST2F NACHI 35BG5222-2DL, KOYO DAC35520022, NSK 35BD5222DDUM18A, NTN SNR ACB35X52X22Delphi and Denso compressors. Denso 6CA17, 7SB16C
355520NACHI 35BG05G-2DS, NACHI 35BG05S10G-2DST2, NACHI 35BG05S16G-2DL, NACHI 35BGS5S10G-2DST2
ACB35X55X20, KOYO 83A694, KOYO
DAC3555RD3H, OE 51651600, OE 51793800, OE
50985400, OE 51427500, OE 51323500, OE 51799900, OE 51216600
Sanden SD505, 507, 708, 709, 7V16, 5H13, 5H14, 7H13, 7h15, Diesel Kiki DSK15BH-DSK15CH ; Nihon DKV14C-DKV14D ; Seltec CH-TM Diesel Kiki, Matsushita, Nihon, Sanden, Seltec compressors on Kia, Hyundai, GM and Chrysler vehicles
356221NACHI 35BG06G-2DS, NIPPONDENSO 949100-2720
356224NSK 35BD6224AT12, NSK 35BD6224DDUK, NSK
35BD6224DV, FCK 35BD6224, NTN SNR
Zexel DCW
385417NACHI 38BG05S2G-2DS, NACHI 38BG05S6G-2DST2F, NACHI 38BG05S6G-2DST2FB, NIPPONDENSO 949100- 4810Denso compressors Suzuki, VW and Diat vehicles
405524NACHI 40BGS40G-2DSTMitsubishi compressors
405724NACHI 40BG05S2G-2DS, NSK 40BD4ST12DDUCG21ENSLMitsubishi and Sanden compressors
406220,6NACHI 40BG62020-2DLCS, NACHI 40BGS8G-2DS, NSK 40BD49T12DDUCG33, NSK 40BD49T12DDU28DCA- 3AENSK7, NTN 2TS2DF0893LLACS01, KOYO 83A5519, GM 6557684, 6559469, DAEWOO 712019-NBR-2CSDelphi V5, Harrison A6 – R4, Keihin 150 L- 150R Keihin,Seiko Seiki compressors on GM, Daewoo vehicles
949100-4610, 949100-4860
Denso compressors Ford, Hino, Mazda vehicles
406224NACHI 40BG11G-2DS, NACHI 40BGS11G-2NSL, NACHI 40BGS35G-2DL, NACHI 40BGS35G-2DST, NACHI 40BGS35G-2DSTF, NACHI 40BGS11G-2DS, NSK 40BD219T12DDUCG21ENSL, NSK 40BD219DU, NTN 2TS2DP0865LLBS45/SC, KOYO 83A551B4CS2, NIPPONDENSO 949100-4850, NIPPONDENSO 949100- 2710, NTN SNR ACB40X62X24Denso, Hitachi, Nihon, Sanden, Seiko Seiki compressors on Toyota, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Rover, VW, Fiat, John Deere vehicles. Sanden SD507, 508, 510, 708, 709, 5H13, 5H14, Diesel Kiki DKS, Hitachi MJS170;Nihon DKV14C, NipponDenso 10P13C-10P15C-10P17C; Ogura 6″
406624NACHI 40BG39G-2DL, NACHI 40BGS39G-2DSTMitsubishi compressors
457532NACHI 45BG07S5G-2DST2F, NIPPONDENSO 949100-4800Fuso vehicles
507220NACHI 50BG07S1